Snoring is a disease that mostly affects the ones who share your bedroom and not those you suffer from even if it is highly embarrassing to know that you are keeping your partner up with loud noises.

While at first it may be thought of as funny by a loved one, in due time snoring can begin to be really irritating and painful if it continues to steal your sleep night after night or let you sleep very little at a time. Side effects of sleeplessness can be irritability, headaches, fatigue, nausea and blurred vision, all of which will not allow you to focus very well and that can be very dangerous if you are driving or working with an object that can hurt you or others.

What Snoring Aids Are Available?

There are a few snoring aids available and they will be presented to you as soon as you consult a doctor in order to determine what type of snoring problem you have. Snoring is normally cause by blocked nasal passages but there can be other reasons as well and your doctor will try them all in order to find out the one causing you to snore.

You may find a good snoring aid in changing your position when sleeping such as instead of sleeping on your back where your tongue can fall back and block your nasal passages, you may want to try and sleep on your side. Sometimes a good snoring aid may be trying to avoid large amounts of alcohol before going to bed, which again can cause snoring.

Being overweight may cause snoring as well and your doctor may suggest losing weight as a snoring aid and that remedy has worked well with many snoring patients.

However, if none of the above work for you, your doctor may suggest using some oral instruments in order to enlarge your nasal passages and thus, enable you to breath and stop the snoring sounds. The oral instruments need to be applied directly to the face and are not always very practical or convenient.

The best snoring aid may be, if none of the above works successfully for you, snoring surgery, which is fast and permanent. Many snoring patients have snoring surgery performed, and report being happy with the results or let’s say their partners were happy with the results as they could once again get a good night’s rest.

Contact a doctor today and see what your snoring aid options are and stop snoring for the sake of a good night’s rest.